It pains me to deliver such a review

It pains me to deliver such a review, however I've been left with no other option.

October 2022: I reach out and explain my web application concept to a solid account executive, Erik T. The application is simple, straight forward and I agreed on the pricing. I was then set up with my productologist, who assured me a two week turnaround for delivery. I paid my deposit, only to be charged a second time one week later. This compromised my debit card, triggering a new one to be mailed out. Don't get me started on how many recurring payment vendors I was required to update my card with..

January 2023: My productologist left the company and I was promised a new one. I was reached out to by the head of customer success, who assured me I would be in good hands. My "simple web app" should be no problem, and would not require the monthly builder care fee- he assured me.

February 2023: I met my new productologist in the UK and he was pleasant. We had weekly meetings, he understood my concept in its entirety, and began production. Things were going well; I hired my web designer, graphic artist, subscribed and paid for the subsequent applications required.

April 2023: "Product is not working, we are looking to hire talent that is able to fulfil your technology requests."

July 2023: I received a demo of my product. Unfortunately, the product was half of what we agreed upon. Builder then had to find another architect.

August 2023: New architect found. Updated demo provided and I was told that my request for complete functionality would not be possible.

September 2023: "We need you to approve the final product so that we can release it to you. Here is your new product expert, he will take care of you from now on and I will approve the project on your behalf." Newly assigned expert turned off the camera during the call, was not helpful with any requests of mine in order to deploy the product and took one month to respond with a poor answer.

October 2023: I begin to receive automated emails requesting for builder care monthly payments of $100+.

November 2023: Automated builder care emails magically reduce to $50. Nothing deployed, incomplete product, huge delays from my "care team" to respond and I am now over one year without my web application. I reached back out to the head of customer success, but he is no longer with the company. I email the account executive, Erik and receive a call the same day.

December 1 2023: As I write this email, I wish to at least paint Erik T. in a good light as he was/ is the only person with any accountability that I have dealt with in this company. He is escalating my concerns, however I feel the need to "help him" due to the horrendous customer experience that I have received.

Fix this,, and I will update my ONLY negative review left in my lifetime. I need retribution and you need to promote Erik and/ or learn from him.

Date of experience: December 06, 2023