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minus iconHow much does AI Chatbot cost?

AI Chatbot is free to start.

Premium gives you advanced customization and configuration options, such as custom branding, data sources, connections to additional OpenAI models, and more.

Premium and Advanced is an add-on purchase available for any Zapier plan.

Check out our pricing page to compare features.

minus iconHow is AI Chatbot different from other options out there?

Zapier AI Chatbot is powered by automation, so you can create custom chatbots with your own prompts and connect them to your Zaps—no code needed. 

You also have a variety of sharing options, so you can embed chatbots on your website or limit access to your team or external stakeholders.

minus iconWhich AI models are available?

The base AI Chatbot model is GPT-3.5. With Premium, you can connect to other models (like GPT-4) using an API key from your personal OpenAI account.

minus iconDo you have templates?

Getting started with AI Chatbot is easy. Select from one of these templates to get up and running quickly.

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minus iconCan I share chatbots?

You can share a chatbot through a direct link. Website embeds and other sharing options are available with Chatbots Premium

minus iconCan I train my chatbot using my own data?

You can upload a static .txt, .csv, .doc, .pdf or .json text file and customize how your chatbot uses it.

You can also connect your chatbot to Zaps and automate actions such as sending responses to another app or collecting chatbot feedback.

We're constantly adding additional connections to static and live data sources.

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minus iconWhere can I learn more about using AI Chatbot?

If you need help while getting started, then check out our step-by-step guide and Help Center resources.

You can also sign up for our regular office hours to see a live demo and learn how you can maximize the potential of AI Chatbot.